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Stay Connected during COVID-19 with these Online Recovery Resources

As more and more safety measures are instated by governments around the globe to combat the coronavirus pandemic, meetings and events everywhere are being cancelled, and addiction recovery meetings are no exception. Social distancing means refraining from attending in-person meetings, which can present a major challenge to those who rely on the fellowship […]

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Life After Opioid Rehab – 9 Steps for Opioid Recovery

Once you’ve made the substantial first step of opioid sobriety (through opioid addiction treatment), you’ll now need to keep going in opioid recovery. That’ll mean changing a few things in your life, so you can maintain that sobriety after rehab. We’ve listed nine steps for you to read and learn—they might increase your chance […]

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CRAFT for Opioid Help

We often enjoy the sense of control. A difficult situation might deeply challenge us, but if we have a sense of what to do, we’re comforted. But what can we do when we feel powerless? A loved one’s opioid addiction often makes us feel powerless. If he or she suffers opioids’ control of […]

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Why Physical Fitness Is a Powerful Treatment for Opioid Addiction Recovery

Written by Brad Krause Imagine that you discovered a new pill for people in addiction recovery. This pill helps them abstain from substance use, improves their mental health, and helps rebalance their brain chemistry. Not only does this pill have no negative side effects, it actually has positive side effects (improving their health and […]

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How Do I Choose an Opioid Addiction Doctor?

In this new year, you might be on the cusp of choosing opioid addiction treatment, maybe even for your loved one. But what should you know? Who can you trust to help your loved one recover themselves from opioid addiction? We’ll answer that question for you. But first, we’ll give you the background […]

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Co-Occurring Disorders and Opioid Recovery: What’s the Deal?

This September, Americans are enjoying a unique celebration: Recovery Month. Every year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) takes the whole month to raise awareness about Americans recovering from addiction and mental illness. September 2019 marks the celebration’s thirtieth year, and we at Buprenorphine Doctors are celebrating with a series […]

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3 Ways to Spot Addiction to Prescription Opioids

Photo by Pietro Jeng from Pexels There are scary names floating around the opioid crisis: heroin, fentanyl, or morphine. But addiction doesn’t always jump out at you. What do you need to watch out for? Keep an eye on prescription opioids. These are the painkillers which doctors can legally prescribe. You’d think they’re […]

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Is Addiction an Illness?

Photo by Sera Cocora at Pexels “Addict” carries baggage when you use it to describe a person. But so does “diseased.” There’s an ongoing debate about whether addiction is a moral choice or a physical disease, and the debate impacts addiction recovery. Here’s what you need to understand. What Causes Addiction? First, let’s […]

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What Happens If I Relapse?

Relapse has an ugly sound to it, almost like a slap. That sound fits the definition: a return to opioid use after all the effort of detox, rehab, and sobriety. But does relapse have to be the end of recovery? It shouldn’t be, considering how common it is. The National Institute on Drug […]

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Is Opioid Withdrawal Safe?

Often, people addicted opioids try to quit, to return their lives to normal. But then opioid withdrawal sets in, and often the person will use opioids again to get relief from the pain. It can become a cycle of quitting, suffering, and relapsing. But what if it didn’t have to be? We’d like […]

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Opioid Addiction and Opioid Treatment FAQs: Part 2

It’s nearly the best time of year to retrace your steps and see where you’ve been. That’s what Buprenorphine Doctors has done last week and will finish doing this week: explain the basic foundations of opioid addiction and treatment. Where did we leave off? The opioid FAQ article last week walked through opioids, […]

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Opioid Addiction and Opioid Addiction Treatment FAQs: Part 1

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we do our best to explain the relevant parts of opioid addiction and treatment. But sometimes, it helps to return to the basics. What would you (the reader) want to know? We’re here to help you learn whatever you’d choose. That’s why we’ve put together the first half of […]

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Syringe Exchange Programs: What Should I Know?

Want to hear an understatement? Completely preventing opioid use is hard. So hard that many reformers pursue a different goal entirely: to create the safest opioid use possible, not to jail anyone who touches a syringe. These programs are called “syringe exchange programs,” and their logic is more complicated than just that. First […]

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How Can My Loved One Use Prescription Opioids Safely?

There are some injuries and illnesses which force their victims to bear pain for long stretches of time, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Waking every day and suffering just to get out of your bed demands relief. But what should you know about when that relief comes through prescription opioids? We’ve […]

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Time to Dispose of Your Prescription Opioids

Whenever your doctor prescribes you painkillers, there’s a catch: the pills themselves might linger around your house. But what does that mean to you? It could mean the risk of addiction. We’ve written before on how it’s easy to misuse prescription opioids (whether you take too many of them, lend them to friends […]

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The Opioid Lawsuits: What You Should Know

A landmark opioid lawsuit nearly began on October 21 in Ohio. But thanks to an eleventh-hour settlement from three of its defendants, we can’t keep watching to see what happens. But what might’ve happened? It depends. There are many moving pieces when you look into the ongoing lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors. […]

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Is Medically-Assisted Treatment "Just Another Drug"?

Few people jump happily into opioid addiction recovery. They face painful detox and painful withdrawal symptoms. But what if there was a medical path to ease this recovery transition? Medically-assisted treatment (MAT) does just that. But not everyone understands this, and so there’s the threat of stigma in some recovery circles, including Narcotics […]

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How Can I Choose an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center?

When it comes to opioid addiction, most people might say that the magic words are treatment and recovery. There’s plenty of truth there—treatment and recovery can counteract the harm of opioid addiction. But we sometimes forget a crucial question: how can we find safe opioid addiction treatment? This question can mean treatment in […]

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Can I Take MAT While Pregnant?

If you’re pregnant, your health questions get more complex: you’re not just caring for yourself, you’re also caring for your baby. It’s why most products end their commercials with, “If you’re pregnant or may become pregnant, ask your doctor if (x product) is right for you.” Your body is changing, and so is […]

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Recovery Month Hopes for Opioid Addiction Recovery

Would you pair opioid addiction and hope in the same sentence? Most wouldn’t, since the current opioid crisis has damaged the United States so badly. But this September, you can still find hope in opioid addiction recovery. After all, this month is Recovery Month, which celebrates those in recovery from substance abuse and […]

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Opioid Recovery vs. Stigma: What Should You Know?

How do you view opioid addiction? There are many viewpoints: opioid addiction involves victims, addicts, sinners, or patients. It’s hard to decide which view actually helps opioid recovery. How can you choose one that avoids stigma? The advocates behind Recovery Month have an idea. After all, they use each September to raise awareness […]

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Want to Join the Opioid Recovery Community?

Opioid addiction threatens Americans across the country and inspires fear. You might be afraid, either of your own addiction or for someone you love. What can you do about it? Seek out opioid addiction treatment. It’s a holistic plan that cures your body of opioid dependence, prepares your mind to shed addictive urges, […]

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The Weekly Brief: Continued Opioid Funding and Opioid Recovery

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we do our best to keep our readers current and informed about opioid addiction doctors, opioid addiction treatment, and the ongoing opioid crisis. We also like to sum it up neatly every Friday afternoon. In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response New Mexico Plans […]

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4 Ways to Chase Opioid Recovery Every Day

Whether you’ve just completed inpatient or outpatient opioid addiction treatment, you might just feel the surge of positive momentum. You’ve just taken a stand on your own health, after all. But what happens to you when that surge wears off in the coming months? Your recovery won’t be finished or wrapped in a […]

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The Weekly Brief: Community Opioid Responses and Opioid Treatment House-Calls

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we want our visitors to know what’s going on in national opioid responses, opioid treatment centers, and opioid addiction doctors. We’re busy with regular content, but it helps to look back each week. In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response North Carolina Researchers Join […]

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The Weekly Brief: Coast-to-Coast Opioid Response

Happy August! We at Buprenorphine Doctors are still helping readers learn the newest developments in the nation’s fight against the opioid crisis. And, whenever we can, we do our best to clarify opioid treatments and recovery. In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response Nevada Grant Enables New Opioid […]

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The Weekly Brief: Our Doctors’ Opioid Treatments

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we like to keep our readers current. Vital information, whether about opioid recovery resources, opioid rehab centers, or opioid addiction doctors, is what we do, after all. In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response Oklahoma Hosts Weeklong Opioid Response Event Oklahoma State University organized […]

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The Weekly Brief: Opioids in School and at Work

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we want to give even more than just lists of Suboxone clinics and doctors near you. We want to make sure you’re up to date on American opioid treatments. In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response Maine Hosts First Opioid Response Summit On July […]

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Where Can I Find Opioid Help at Work?

The thought of opioid addiction treatment might conjure the image of a sparse room in a sterile clinic. But many patients complete outpatient treatment, where they stay connected to their everyday lives — including their workplaces. But how does opioid addiction fit there? The answer is complex. Let’s see what you should know. […]

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The Weekly Brief: Opioid Research and Relapse Responses

Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we like to stay as current and helpful as we can. After all, opioid treatment has never been more necessary in the United States. Here’s a recap of the last week: In The News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response Iowa’s Opioid Deaths Decrease The state […]

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What You Need to Know About the Opioid Crisis

Imagine that a national disease took the lives of over one hundred Americans a day. Imagine that the epidemic lasted more than a decade and had no surefire cure.  That scenario is the American opioid crisis, and this article is what you should know about it. Where Are We Now? The opioid crisis […]

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5 Online Resources for Opioid Recovery

Photo by Luis Quintero at Pexels Opioid recovery is a full-time task for anyone looking to become sober. And yet, traditional peer meetings and regular medical visits won’t fill up your entire day. How can you build your recovery at any time of the day? Try the many online resources for opioid recovery. […]

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What Are Opioid Treatment Clinics?

Opioid treatment clinics can seem like daunting places. Perhaps you’re someone suffering from opioid addiction, or you’re someone whose family member or close friend suffers from opioid addiction. No matter who you are, opioid treatment clinics may be your best option. What should you know about them? What Do Opioid Treatment Centers Do? […]

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MATs, MSRs, and MARs: What They Mean for Opioid Addiction Recovery

If you’re just beginning to learn about recovery from opioid addiction, you probably feel like you’re swimming in a big, confusing bowl of alphabet soup. MAT, MSR, MAR: How do you begin to know what these terms mean, and how they fit into your goal of finding opioid recovery treatment options for yourself […]

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What You Should Know About Medically-Assisted Treatments

It’s ironic to admit on this webpage that the Internet’s webpages can confuse readers with its sheer volume of information. But any never-ending list of resources for opioid treatment risks concealing its vital information, and might discourage readers from searching for it. So, straightforward clarification of relevant treatments become necessary in the avalanche […]

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Why Should I Trust Medical-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

As the American opioid crisis continues to grip the nation and spur government action, the dilemma of how to best heal its damage grows more complicated. Nearly 400,000 Americans have died from opioid-related overdoses since 1999, and over 130 people die each day from opioid overdoses. The stakes of the crisis’s continued impact […]

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Thanks to Arrival of a New Generic, Treatment Is About to Get Cheaper

Indian Supplier, Dr. Reddy’s, Wins Approval to Sell Anti-Opioid One of the most popular and effective treatment tools for opioid addiction, Suboxone, is about to get much cheaper. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a leading Indian drug maker, announced in February that it had won a U.S. Court of Appeals fight to relaunch its buprenorphine […]

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Self-Care: Your Mental Health Depends On It

Written by Brad Krause Practicing self-care turns us into the best versions of ourselves, not only physically, but also mentally. As psychologist Guy Winch asks, “We brush and floss, but what daily activity do we do to maintain our psychological health?” This kind of self-care doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t have to […]

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Can I Get Suboxone Treatment While Working Full Time?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Being employed full time or even part time is crucial for many Americans because it provides a steady income and necessary benefits. Unfortunately, certain issues can impact employment status such as misconduct and breaking company policies. That is why it is understandable for you to question whether going through Suboxone treatment is […]

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Thinking About an Intervention? How to Know When It's Time

First Step: Make a Plan—and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help Addictions damage the lives of addicts and those around them. Those looking for help may quickly learn that simply talking to the addict does not get the results that are needed. For many, the next step is an intervention.An intervention can […]

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