The Weekly Brief: Our Doctors’ Opioid Treatments

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Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we like to keep our readers current. Vital information, whether about opioid recovery resources, opioid rehab centers, or opioid addiction doctors, is what we do, after all.

In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response

Oklahoma Hosts Weeklong Opioid Response Event

Oklahoma State University organized an Opioid Response conference that began Monday and ends tonight. But how has it helped its community? Find out!

Massachusetts Researchers Will Study Jails’ Opioid Treatments

UMass-Amherst and UMass Medical School researchers are on board to help the state improve its opioid treatments for inmates. And they’re not alone, since the effort adds them to an ongoing national program! Learn more

New York Expands Emergency Opioid Treatment

New opioid treatments in west New York hospitals will spread across the state. How does that help New Yorkers suffering from opioid addiction? Find out!

Doctor’s Note – For Your Sense of Our Doctors’ Opioid Response

The Conway Clinic’s Opioid Treatment

Operating out of Tennessee, the Conway Clinic does all it can to provide personalized, compassionate opioid treatment for anyone suffering from addiction. Founder Dr. William Conway provides his own personal touch for all patients — including giving his own cell number? Learn more!

Dr. Famiglio’s Opioid Treatment

Dr. Gregory Famiglio began his opioid treatment practice in rural Pennsylvania, the heart of the opioid crisis, just six years ago. So how can he plan three new clinics by 2020, and why is he hopeful in his work? Find out!

Visit any of these pieces, and if you like them, look through the rest of the site (that’s why it’s there!). Check in again next Friday for the new Brief.
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