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Yale Treatment Funding

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has agreed to fund the addiction treatment project of the Yale School of Medicine for the next four years, as reported by Yale News. The EMergency Department-Initiated BuprenorphinE for Opioid Use Disorder (EMBED), formed last year by Drs. Ted Melnick, Gail D’Onofrio, and others, means to electronically enable the prescription of buprenorphine in Yale’s Emergency Department—as their research suggests that buprenorphine use increases the chance that patients remain in treatment. EMBED initially began with over $800,000 of funding, but the National Institute on Drug Abuse has pledged $7.9 million to the initiative through the year 2023. The funding will support a study of whether the buprenorphine-emphasis approach is effective for prescriptions in 20 university emergency centers across the country.

Learn more about the professors’ research here, or search for Connecticut treatment centers specialized in opioid addiction recovery.

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