Poll Results Emphasize Perceived Severity of Opioid Addiction in Massachusetts

Boston’s WBUR had MassINC Polling Group conduct a survey of 660 Massachusetts residents this month to gauge perceptions on opioid addiction in the state. The results of this poll reveal that 53% of participants identify the severity of “addiction to heroin and other opiates such as prescription painkillers in Massachusetts” as “a crisis.” Fifty-seven percent of respondents know someone who has struggled with opioid addiction in the last year. The survey also asked the question, “Do you support sending people to prisons or jails against their will for addiction treatment?” to which 69% of respondents answered with “strongly oppose” or “somewhat oppose.”

The WBUR article quotes Senator Cindy Friedman, who speaks on the matter of imprisoning those with substance use disorder:

“I understand that, in some cases, we need to just get people into a safe place,” she said. “But it’s all treatment-focused; it’s all about getting people healthy and in treatment. And I firmly believe that can’t happen in an environment where the structure is about corrections and punishment.”

Learn more about the WBUR Massachusetts Poll, or find Suboxone doctors in Massachusetts.

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