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Perspectives and Insights From the Doctors Who Specialize in Opioid Addiction Treatment.
Doctor's Note - Dr. Oba Hollie's Opioid Treatment Dr. Oba Hollie, who treats opioid addiction at Nashville’s Mental Health Cooperative, knows that his treatment has worked so far. “I can think of about ten success stories off the top of my head,” he admits. “But we’re just getting started. We’ve only put down the foundation.” Who is Dr. Oba Hollie? He’s […]
Doctor’s Note - Dr. Traci Fritz Dr. Traci FritzWhile everyone likes to call the national opioid response a fight, Dr. Traci Fritz steps up as an actual defender. “I had a patient who’d been put in prison, and when the district attorney came looking for his treatment records, I said no. My patients shouldn’t feel scrutinized.” Dr. Fritz operates in Brookfield, […]
Doctor's Note - Dr. Famiglio's Opioid Treatment Dr. Gregory Famiglio believes in his opioid treatment clinics. “We’re the Ritz-Carlton of service,” he says. It’s more genuine than it is arrogant or boastful. “To Family Recovery Solutions, recovery is about absolute wellness,” he adds, “and it’s really a beautiful thing to see.” Pennsylvania Opioid Treatment is Only Half the Battle Looking […]
Doctor’s Note - The Conway Clinic's Opioid Treatment Dr. William Conway, founder of the Conway ClinicThe Conway Clinic is careful to present a human face for its visitors. Its website begins with the face of a bearded man in a hard hat, openly considering the camera. The usual pop-up conversation bubble asking, Hi there, have a question? contains a thumb-nail image of a smiling dark-haired woman. Founder Dr. […]
Doctor's Note – What is Being on Suboxone Like? Written by: Dr. Justin Nepa Suboxone is the popular brand-name of the FDA-approved prescription medication used to treat people addicted to opioids. It is a combination of two major component ingredients: buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine acts an opioid antagonist by partially inhibiting the opiate receptors and curbing addictive cravings, while naloxone acts to discourage misusage and decrease diversion […]
Doctor's Note - Being Treated With Buprenorphine is Not a Life’s Sentence Written by: Dr. Thomas LockeYou can get off of buprenorphine when the time is right without having to experience withdrawal. We began developing a tapering protocol five years ago that we have now perfected. I have made it available to all stable patients who want to discontinue buprenorphine. Understand that a percentage of people who are addicted […]
Doctor's Note - Choose the Right Addiction Treatment for You Written by: Dr. David KushnerOpioids are frequently used for pain management but can be highly addictive. For some, opioids produce a sense of euphoria that is so intoxicating they find it hard to quit. The addiction can stem from other underlying issues like home environment, upbringing, and trauma. But the addiction exacts painful costs during withdrawal: Intense […]
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