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Florida Reestablishes Drug Task Force to Combat Opioid Crisis

Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that Florida will be re-establishing its office of drug control with the intent of reducing substance abuse in the state, according to an update from NBC 6 South Florida. DeSantis has appointed Attorney General Ashley Moody to lead the task force.

Moody recently spoke at a Florida Association of Counties event, during which she explained her objectives in addressing the opioid epidemic and human trafficking in Florida. Florida Politics offers highlights from her discussion:

“From the moment I started as a candidate, we were losing 14 people a day to the opioid epidemic in Florida alone. From the time that it took for me to go from saying, ‘I am a candidate,’ to now becoming the 38th Attorney General, we now lose 17 people a day. And the projections are that is going to keep increasing unless we, as a state, can start making progress and using data-based approaches to aggressively attack this epidemic.”

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