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Delaware to Form Opioid Community Response Teams

(July 30, 2019)

Delaware officials have met in Dover to discuss community-based opioid responses, reports Delaware State News. The city’s Parks, Recreation and Community Enhancement Committee met with Kristan McIntosh, a senior consultant from NY-based Health Management Associates, to consider community response teams (CRTs). These teams would comprise local volunteers trained in overdose response. Members would especially highlight naloxone training and awareness.

Because Dover became Delaware’s opioid overdose hotspot the past year, McIntosh brought the initiative to its leaders. She believes the CRT program could decrease the death rates in the city. But for now, the CRTs are only in the beginning phases. McIntosh is still locating volunteers who would join once the program begins. If the program launches in Dover, the state’s Division of Public Health would take responsibility for the teams.

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