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Alternative to Opioids for Mothers Undergoing C-Sections

The Pratt Tribune recently published a story about an alternative to prescription opioids for mothers who undergo C-sections—the ON-Q Pain Relief System. Nicknamed “the pain ball,” this elastomeric pump releases a nonaddictive anesthetic to help ease post-surgery pain. Dr. Anita Somani, gynecologist and obstetrician, speaks on the use of opioids for pain management:

“Most studies show that if you only take (opioids) for seven days and you don’t get refills, you’re less likely to then become addicted,” Somani said. “It’s the people who are getting multiple prescriptions, they tend to become more dependent.”

“We prescribe less narcotics, and our patients are using less narcotics,” Somani said. “That’s the goal, to adequately treat pain without creating a situation where someone becomes dependent.”

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