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Indiana Towns to Receive New Opioid Funding

(July 24, 2019)

23 cities in Indiana will receive new opioid response funding, according to Fox59. The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) has given $35,000 to Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (Aim) for the state’s opioid treatment programs. This amount joins the $50,000 given to the Aim Drug and Opioid Abuse Program, which supplied informational opioid material in 2018.

With this total of $85,000, Aim can support the state’s towns through funding and medication disposal programs. Beech Grove is one city who will receive the help, and Mayor Dennis Buckley is glad. “We are thankful for these new resources because we believe the funds will actually help save lives by allowing us to teach more of our neighbors about the signs of addiction and where they can find help,” he said in a statement.

Learn more about RALI here. To find an opioid treatment center or doctor in Indiana, look here or here.

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