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Maryland Mental Health Recovery Center

(July 2, 2019)

The Capital Gazette reports that a new opioid center in Annapolis will address opioid users’ mental needs. The Pascal Crisis Stabilization Center opened June 8 thanks to $225,000 of state funding. Center officials plan to make the facility a new follow-up to emergency opioid treatment. First responders will continue giving overdose victims naloxone and hospital assistance, but the stabilization center adds a mental focus. Incoming patients receive mental evaluation in a 23-hour review, and if need be, five to ten days of inpatient mental stabilization.

Katherine Bonincontri, the executive director of Robert A. Pascal Youth and Family Services, says of the center, “We are, in a lot of ways, psychiatric urgent care.” SAMHSA reports that 39.1% of those suffering from substance addiction also suffer from mental illness, an overlap that the center seeks to address in Anne Arundel County as its opioid overdose rates increase each year.

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