Stop Opioid Silence Campaign Encourages Open Communication about Opioid Use Disorder

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids + Center on Addiction has partnered with Facebook to build a public awareness campaign titled Stop Opioid Silence (SOS), with the goal of inspiring people to speak openly about opioid use disorder and to get help when needed. The campaign features a series of stories from those affected by the opioid epidemic, as well as short video segments from public officials in different states who describe the impact of opioid addiction in their state. Messaging around the campaign features some profound statistics and facts, such as, “1 in 2 Americans is affected by opioid addiction,” or “opioids kill more people than car accidents.”

Learn more about the SOS campaign and find out how you can get involved here. If you’re looking for medically assisted treatment for opioid addiction, search our directory to find help near you.

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