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Nevada Grant Enables New Opioid Response

(July 29, 2019)

An opioid response organization in Douglas County will develop an opioid overdose plan. According to NBCNews Las Vegas, Partnership Douglas County (PDC) will write an opioid overdose model with $10,000 dollars from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. The model will recommend how the county reports overdoses and provides antidotes like naloxone.

PDC joins other local efforts, including the coalition called “The Resilient Eight.” Their plans include educating Nevada communities on opioid addiction and overdose response. Karen Beckerbauer, Manager of Social Services, says, “[County] residents will be seeing Naloxone training opportunities and the plan is to have Naloxone, the antidote to opioid overdose, available throughout the community with as much acceptance and visibility as AEDs and CPRs.”

Learn more about Partnership Douglas County resources here. To learn more about naloxone, look here. To find an opioid treatment center or doctor in Nevada, look here or here.

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