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Learning about Addiction and Recovery from the Opioid Crisis

Investigative journalist Katie Wedell of Dayton Daily News recently composed an article about her takeaways from covering the opioid crisis in Ohio, sharing just how much she learned about addiction and recovery throughout the process. Wedell summarizes what she learned in three points, the first relating to varying paths of recovery:

“No two people I interviewed took the same path to recovery. Some preferred abstinence programs and 12-step meetings. Some swore by Vivitrol shots that block cravings for 30 days. Some said being locked up saved them from themselves. Almost everyone tried and failed multiple times until they found the program that worked for them. There’s still much debate in the industry about what kind of treatment works best, but many in recovery say it’s the one that works for you.”

The article continues to point out the desire of those in recovery to give back, and the wide-reaching effects of addiction throughout the community.

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