Medically Assisted Treatment Becoming More Widely Accepted

The Marietta Times recently published an article on the evolving medically assisted treatment (MAT) options available to people in its community, in which the drug treatment court in Washington County can approve MAT upon the recommendation of a clinician. The court aims to institute treatment plans most suitable for each individual, following the standards of the Ohio Supreme Court in determining the best course of treatment.

The article quotes Coda Kyle, the Marietta clinical coordinator for Rigel, who explains Vivitrol treatment:

“It’s a medical treatment, appropriate, for example, for someone with severe opioid use disorder”, she said. The recommendation would come from a medical professional such as a nurse practitioner, she said.

Despite public stigmas around MAT, using medication in the addiction recovery process is becoming more common, especially as medical and scientific professionals continue to endorse this form of treatment. Kyle elaborates on her experience:

“Years ago there was an emphasis on abstinence, but as the epidemic got more attention, and more research was done, the evidence showed that MAT generally has better outcomes, and public perception of it is shifting into more positive perspective.”

Read the full article here.

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