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I Love Recovery Blog Shares Perspectives of Recovery

I Love Recovery has released a series of articles recently covering a variety of recovery-related topics, including stories from the perspective of an adult child of alcoholics, and anecdotes reminding us to breathe and avoid falling into self-destructive behavior.

In the article Days in The Life of an Adult Child – Movies, author Sherry Hawn explores films and recovery. The article says:

My recovery parallels to the film were plentiful, writ large. The unexpected crash of my family through mental illness and alcoholism. The hope for rescue that never comes; the serious consideration of suicide as a teenager. The desperate, dependent need for relationship of any kind, even with a volley ball. The inability to heal my roots, or find the right tools for living free from emotional intoxication. The unexpected appearance of an odd higher power that gave just enough “ice skates and tulle” to save me; what use were these in my pathetic condition?

In One Foot In Front Of The Other; One Breath At A Time, Kyczy Hawk discusses self-awareness and breathing:

So – when I fall into a fit of adrenaline-fueled action it lasts less long, I can spot it sooner, I can catch my breath and then breathe so my nervous system can repair. I can pause and talk and listen to others. I can then put one foot in front of the other to more pleasantly resolve the situation.

I Love Recovery also has a call for writers and bloggers at the moment—click here to learn more.

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