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Where Can I Find Opioid Help at Work?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors (7/18/19)


What Happens If I Relapse?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors (7/10/19)


3 Ways to Spot Addiction to Prescription Opioids

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors (7/8/19)


Is Addiction an Illness?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors (7/5/19)


What You Need to Know About the Opioid Crisis

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors (7/2/19)

About Opioid Treatment
What is Buprenorphine? Buprenorphine is an FDA approved opioid addiction treatment. Currently Subutex® & Suboxone® are the only Buprenorphine medications approved by the FDA. Buprenorphine itself is opioid itself, but the maximal effects are less than other more dangerous opioid agonist like methadone and herion. By producing enough agonist, individuals taking Buprenophine that have become addicted […]
What is Suboxone®? Suboxone® is the first narcotic drug available for prescription from a doctor’s office for use in the treatment of opioid dependence under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 or DATA 2000. The primary active ingredient in Suboxone is Buprenorphine, which itself is a partial opioid agonist. This means the the opioid effects […]
The Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction Since 1949, the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous has been the dominant way we think about facing and fighting addiction. Many people have successfully used this community- and willpower-based approach to escaping addiction. However, countless others have tried it, and relapsed. With the powerful hold that opioid addiction has on so many people in […]
In the News
(July 18, 2019) Columbus, Ohio supports a high school for teens recovering from addiction, reports WOUB. Heartland High provides specialized treatment and schooling for teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. For recovering high schoolers, returning to old friend groups can threaten relapse. Paige Stewart, head of the school, says, “When you go […]
(July 17, 2019) Illinois will receive federal funding to help those impacted by the opioid crisis. According to the Jacksonville Journal-Courier, the U.S. Dept. of Labor gave the Dislocated Worker Grant to the Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide relief employment around the state. The grant begins with $1.8 million, […]
(July 16, 2019) Colorado has extended its rural opioid treatment program, says KUNC. The state had previously only passed the Medication-assisted Treatment Pilot Program in 2017 as a two-year trial run. It funded community opioid treatment clinics in both Pueblo and Routt counties, where fatal overdose rates had been high in 2016. Since […]
(July 15, 2019) Maine is hosting its first-ever Opioid Response Summit in Augusta, reports Public News Service. Governor Janet Mills will lead the daylong event to support the state’s ongoing response to the opioid crisis. She’s joined by Barbara L. Macaneny, the current president of the American Medical Association, Michael Botticelli, former director […]
(July 12, 2019) The University of Montana will begin developing an anti-opioid vaccine, reports ABCFox Montana. With $3.3 million from the National Institutes of Health, the university will start its research under Dr. Jay Evans, Director of the Center of Translational Medicine. He and his team have ambitious plans to negate opioid cravings. […]
(July 11, 2019) Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College has new grant funding for opioid prevention efforts. According to The Joplin Globe, the school has received the $54,000 State Opioid Response Higher Education Community Outreach Grant. This will train faculty and students to respond to their communities’ opioid use through a team: a project coordinator, […]


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