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Opioid Addiction and Opioid Treatment FAQs: Part 2

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors It’s nearly the best time of year to retrace your steps and see where you’ve

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Syringe Exchange Programs: What Should I Know?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Want to hear an understatement? Completely preventing opioid use is hard. So

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The Opioid Lawsuits: What You Should Know

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors A landmark opioid lawsuit nearly began on October 21 in Ohio. But thanks to an

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States with Expanded Medicaid Show Increase in Buprenorphine Prescriptions

(August 21, 2019) The Morning Consult reports on a recent study conducted by the Urban Institute which

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The Weekly Brief: Continued Opioid Funding and Opioid Recovery

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we do our best to keep our readers current and

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New Jersey Opens New Opioid Treatment Clinic

(August 16, 2019) Recovery Centers America (RCA) has opened a new opioid treatment clinic in western New Jersey,

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Montana Receives New Opioid Response Funding

(August 14, 2019) Montana has received $3.9 million of federal funding to support its opioid response,

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Oregon Receives New Opioid Response Funding

(August 12, 2019) Oregon opioid treatment centers will receive new federal funds, reports KTVZ. The U.S. Dept.

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The Weekly Brief: Community Opioid Responses and Opioid Treatment House-Calls

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we want our visitors to know what’s going on in

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Indiana Grant Will Fund Community Opioid Response

(August 8, 2018) New federal funding will support opioid response in Indiana communities, reports ABC157.

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