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Doctor's Note - Dr. Oba Hollie's Opioid Treatment

Dr. Oba Hollie, who treats opioid addiction at Nashville’s Mental Health Cooperative, knows that his treatment has

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Doctor’s Note - Dr. Traci Fritz

Dr. Traci Fritz While everyone likes to call the national opioid response a fight, Dr. Traci Fritz steps up as

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Doctor's Note - Dr. Famiglio's Opioid Treatment

Dr. Greg Famiglio, founder of Family Recovery Solutions Dr. Gregory Famiglio believes in his opioid

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Doctor’s Note - The Conway Clinic's Opioid Treatment

Dr. William Conway, founder of the Conway Clinic The Conway Clinic is careful to present a human face for its

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Doctor's Note – What is Being on Suboxone Like?

Written by: Dr. Justin Nepa Suboxone is the popular brand-name of the FDA-approved prescription medication

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Doctor's Note - Being Treated With Buprenorphine is Not a Life’s Sentence

Written by: Dr. Thomas Locke You can get off of buprenorphine when the time is right without having to

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Doctor's Note - Choose the Right Addiction Treatment for You

Written by: Dr. David Kushner Opioids are frequently used for pain management but can be highly addictive. For

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