Doctor’s Note - The Conway Clinic's Opioid Treatment

Dr. William Conway, founder of the Conway Clinic

The Conway Clinic is careful to present a human face for its visitors. Its website begins with the face of a bearded man in a hard hat, openly considering the camera. The usual pop-up conversation bubble asking, Hi there, have a question? contains a thumb-nail image of a smiling dark-haired woman. Founder Dr. William Conway (narrating the welcome video in a white coat and navy paisley tie) put it succinctly: “It’s simpler that patients talk to me directly.”

Tennessee Opioid Treatment with a Personal Touch

One of the guarantees of the Conway opioid treatment is the head doctor’s personal cell number in the patients’ pockets (731-607-3257). Dr. Conway explains that his patients’ direct access supports their overall treatment, since they can contact him directly with their personal concerns about the opioid treatment program. “I know everybody, and I commit their stories to memory,” he says. It’s the well-rounded treatment philosophy in action at the clinic’s highest level.

What is Conway?

This clinic serves patients of all stripes in central and western Tennessee. Dr. Conway, originally a diabetologist in rural Tennessee, kept many of his earlier diabetic patients once he’d returned from Suboxone certification to treat opioid addiction. Rural residents have chosen Conway Clinic, but so have patients from the state’s jails, since Dr. Conway supervises inmate opioid treatments for the Tennessee Dept. of Corrections. “That’s 22,000 inmates,” he said. “I can write letters to their officers and judges, just to make sure they’re not taken off Suboxone treatments arbitrarily.” There’s the personal touch, given to anyone who chooses the Clinic’s help.

So what exactly does the Conway Clinic do with its personal touch? Treat anyone suffering from opioid addiction. Its site mentions patients who work, patients without insurance, patients weighing many treatments, and patients from corrections. Its philosophy supports all of these groups because of addiction’s reality as an illness which needs aggressive care. Aggressive care here can mean medically-assisted treatment with Suboxone, personal and peer therapies, and other personalized pieces designed for each new patient. The tricky balance of healing both opioid patients’ minds and bodies isn’t lost on Dr. Conway, who notes the “significant learning curve of addiction treatment,” one he’s continually learning. But Conway Clinic enjoys long-term treatments: “I’ve had some patients since 2011, nearly eight years now,” Dr. Conway says. When you are facing a serious illness, We stand by you for life, promises the website.

Where is Conway?

The Conway Clinic offers its lifelong help in Tennessee, specifically in Nashville, Belle Meade, and Jackson. Though there’s good done outside of the state as well: the sites treat patients as far away as Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi.

You can find the Conway Clinic through their listing at Buprenorphine Doctors, or you can visit its site directly to see which questions it can answer.

What Now?

If you’re in the area, look for the Conway Clinic. And don’t worry about pulling up its location and driving over just yet; give Dr. Conway a call at (731) 607-3257 and ask him any of the questions you have. “I’d rather speak to patients directly,” he says.

That’s just why he agreed to feature in the Doctor’s Note: to present the Conway Clinic with his own direct input. We’re glad to have partnered with Dr. Conway since 2017. After all, the Conway Clinic’s mission matches Buprenorphine Doctors’s mission: informed opioid treatment with reliable buprenorphine doctors and opioid treatment clinics.

If you’re looking for opioid addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, look here or here. But if you’re an opioid treatment doctor looking to expand your practice to a new pool of patients, consider your options here.

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