Doctor’s Note - Dr. Traci Fritz

Dr. Traci Fritz

While everyone likes to call the national opioid response a fight, Dr. Traci Fritz steps up as an actual defender. “I had a patient who’d been put in prison, and when the district attorney came looking for his treatment records, I said no. My patients shouldn’t feel scrutinized.”

Dr. Fritz operates in Brookfield, a suburb near Milwaukee, and she’s careful to treat patients as they should be treated. “You have thirty minutes to sit down with a patient. It’s almost like therapy, so they won’t be whisked in and out like at a machine-type clinic.” Intentional, patient-centered care came from her stint at one of those machine-type clinics, when she worked to taper patients off their methadone treatments at the behest of her employers. “It’s satisfying to see patients not stay trapped in the machine, if they’re sick of treatments for years and years.”

What Does Dr. Fritz Do?

She’s one of a few doctors working for The Doctor’s Office, a Wisconsin general care provider. But among the physical therapists, nurse practitioners, and family practitioners, Dr. Fritz is the only doctor giving outpatient opioid addiction treatment. It resonated with her after she’d already specialized in both radiology and anesthesiology: “I enjoyed the Suboxone training because it puts humanity in medicine. After being in the grind of hospitals, I really liked the human edge to weaning people off drugs.”

She likes it enough to fill in at the system’s other locations in Janesville and Darien when she can. “I have a heart for the treatment,” she admits. It’s not just the regular medically-assisted treatments like Methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol (“I’ve done the whole gamut of addiction”); Dr. Fritz understands the need for psychiatric and emotional care that addiction recovery includes. One of her close relatives suffers from early-onset dementia — she doesn’t have to theorize about how psychiatric issues harm families, and it inspires her every day to treat her patients’ minds as well as their bodies.

Where Does Dr. Fritz Work?

She operates out of the Brooksfield location of The Doctor’s Office, which is a discreet place for addiction treatments in Milwaukee. “I mean, there’s a gym next door,” Dr. Fritz says, “and so patients don’t have to worry about the stigma of going to an addiction clinic.”

But there’s also consideration for the patients through payment and costs. “We don’t process insurance, and it reduces our overhead,” she says. But paying out of pocket won’t bankrupt anyone. “The going rate for established patients is $125 a month. We’re not a luxury practice: for new patients the visit is $150, and then the continuing care is $125. Outside of the opioid treatments, everything’s even cheaper.”

And, to go one step further, Dr. Fritz works from another spot more convenient for patients in Milwaukee. Visit her at 6100 W State St, and remember that the location is for your own convenience. She serves people wherever they are.

How Can I Reach Dr. Fritz?

Start by reaching out to her at the clinic (414-455-0463) or, better yet, on her personal number (254-485-9570). “The clinic refers patients with questions to me, and if they’re afraid of calling me, they can text,” she says.

If you reach out to her, chances are good that she’ll reach out to you as well. In person. “I do home visits, too,” Dr. Fritz says. “I’m not scared of home visits around Milwaukee, and there’s no extra price.” There’s also no need for the home of home visit. “I’ve got the freedom to meet at patients’ houses, at their work, anywhere, really. If you’re a busy working person, I can meet you at the office whenever you have a break.”

One patient’s story immediately comes to Dr. Fritz’s mind. “There was one lady, a hotel manager addicted to heroin, and she didn’t have the time off work for treatment. So we met her on her breaks to begin Suboxone.” The woman had been well the last time Dr. Fritz saw her, she added. Treating people wherever possible adapts to the nature of many addictions. “Hard-working people won’t have the time that treatment takes. And if you’re busy, that’s an obstacle to care.” Dr. Fritz knows that the discreet Brookfield office does its good. But aggressive opioid treatment can also mean bringing help directly to her patients.

What Now?

Look up Dr. Fritz. If you need opioid treatment, or if a loved one does, she’s your willing, flexible option for addiction care. “I can schedule at the last minute for patients’ schedules,” she says. “That’s what I do.”

So give her a call or send her a text at 254-485-9570. Get your questions answered today, whether over the phone with Dr. Fritz or on her practice’s website. She’s just the type of opioid treatment doctor that Buprenorphine Doctors is glad to include in our directory. Patient-focused addiction care for opioid addiction is what we support through listing doctors and rehab clinics across the country.

If you’re a Suboxone doctor looking to improve your reach, consider listing your practice on our site. We’re happy to give you all the exposure we can.

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