Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Detroit, Michigan

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Peter Farago, MD

Peter Farago, MDBright Heart Health

400 Renaissance Center,
Detroit, MI 48243 USA| Map
(855) 339-7189

No waitlists, no travel, no traffic, and no hassles.

Bright Heart Health is the first online opioid use disorder treatment program via telemedicine. Individuals meet with our medical staff and counselors via video conferencing – not in a clinic or office. We provide individuals with the highest level of care.

We prescribe and monitor medications (e.g., Suboxone) that allow individuals to stop abusing opioids without experiencing powerful drug cravings or severe withdrawal symptoms. Our counselors meet with individuals online via telemedicine, and help identify and develop strategies to deal with the issues and disorders that may have contributed to or been impacted by opioid abuse.

At Bright Heart Health, we will help prepare you to live a [See More]

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Melody Glenn, MD

Melody Glenn, MD

3300 Washtenaw Ave. , Suite 280
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA| Map
(734) 329-5419

Workit Health members receive:

  • Prescription for buprenorphine (Suboxone).
  • Telehealth visits after 1-2 initial in-office consultations.
  • Weekly online therapy.
  • Most insurance accepted for $25/week.
  • 24/7 Access to Workit's engaging online lessons.
  • A recovery program as unique as you. No judgment.

Carl Christensen, M.D.

Jefferson Avenue Research Clinic
2761 E Jefferson
Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Renato Roxas, Jr.

50 East Canfield

Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Sudhir Lingnurkar, M.D.

3011 West Gerand Boulevard
Suite 1710
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Asok Ray, M.D.

17950 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, MI 48203 USA

Isidro Almeda, M.D.

15000 Gratiot Avenue
Suite 200
Detroit, MI 48205 USA

Susan Stine, M.D.

2761 East Jefferson Ave

Detroit, MI 48207 USA

Oscar Apoian, D.O.

8633 West Vernor Highway

Detroit, MI 48209 USA

Sai Wentum, M.D.

4821 East McNichols

Detroit, MI 48212 USA

Isidro Almeda, M.D.

13929 Harper

Detroit, MI 48213 USA

Bernard Dash, D.O.

503 West Grand Boulevard

Detroit, MI 48216 USA

Stanley Poleck, D.O.

19335 Grand River

Detroit, MI 48223 USA

Firas Zouabi, M.D.

18250 West Warren

Detroit, MI 48228 USA

Alphonse Ekole, M.D.

COTTAB Medical Group @ Samaritan Ctr.
5555 Conner Suite 1223
Detroit, MI 48234 USA

Ernest Mullen, M.D.

19431 Vandyke

Detroit, MI 48234 USA

Otis Crawford, D.O.

18228 Steel

Detroit, MI 48235 USA

Hamid Ehsani, M.D.

Henry Ford Health System Family Medicine
7800 West Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48235 USA

Rickie Hardaway, M.D.

15865 Wyoming

Detroit, MI 48238 USA

Hadi Berry, D.O.

4201 St. Antoine
Suite 5C
Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Vasan Deshikachar, M.D.

11803 Grand River Ave

Detroit, MI 48204 USA

Ashok Karnik, M.D.

19953 Conant Street

Detroit, MI 48234 USA

Carl Fowler, M.D.

Northwest Industrial and Drug Rehab Clnc
9600 Dexter
Detroit, MI 48206 USA

Karen Joseph, M.D.

4646 John R Street

Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Serge Jean-Louis

Jabez Recovery Management Services, INC
835 Holden
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Sai Wentum, M.D.

4821 East McNichols Road

Detroit, MI 48212 USA

Kamal Ibrahim, M.D.

6001 West Outer Drive
Unit 320
Detroit, MI 48235 USA

Tanya McCauley

2925 Russell Street

Detroit, MI 48207 USA

David Bryant

3990 John R. StreetDepartment of Ob/Gyn
7 Brush North
Detroit, MI 48201 USA

Patrick Conway

3031 W. Grand Boulevard
Ste. 450
Detroit, MI Detroit USA

Someswara Navuluri

6309 Mack Avenue

Detroit, MI 48207 USA




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