Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Denver, Colorado

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Michael Anthony Zona M.D.

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Discrete Medical Services

Pradeep Raj Rai M.D.
Magnolia Medical Denver Suboxone

1850 Race St,
Denver, CO 80206 USA| Map
(303) 900-4686

Locations in Central Denver, South Denver and Boulder. Open by appointment only. Call us at 303-900-4686 or email us at office@magnoliamed.com. Magnolia Medical is the leading Suboxone Clinic located in Denver serving the entire state of Colorado. After the initial month of maintenance treatment, our visits are monthly and our schedule is very flexible for our patients schedules including night and weekend clinic appointments. Using the latest techniques through Suboxone treatment, we help our patients overcome their opioid based addictions. Our treatment targets opiates such as heroin, hydrocodone, oxycotin, morphine, benzos, and other pain killers. Call us today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment for a tailored treatment plan to get your life back on [See More]

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Discrete Medical Services

Clark McCoy M.D.

1490 N. Lafayette St., Suite 407
Denver, CO 80218 USA| Map
(720) 737-2816

Front Range Clinic is the largest and most accessible network of outpatient medication-assisted treatment clinics in Colorado. With multiple clinics across the Front Range, our number one goal is access to addiction treatment in a judgment-free space. 

  • We specialize in medication-assisted treatment including: Suboxone, Vivitrol, buprenorphine, and naltrexone
  • We treat all addiction, including: opioids, alcohol, heroin, benzodiazapines, and pain killers
  • We do not have a wait-list and a new patient appointment can be scheduled within 24-48 hours of the first call
  • We accept: Colorado Medicaid, Medicare, United Health Care, and Cigna
  • We have multiple Colorado locations. Visit our website to find the clinic closest to you: www.frontrangemd.com
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Discrete Medical Services

Jonathan W Singer MD

8400 E Prentice Ave, Suite 301
Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA| Map

  • Currently accepting new patients
  • Over 35 years of experience serving the Denver metro area
  • Excellent results with our opiate addiction treatment program (Suboxone)
  • Can help with addiction to Vicodin, Oxycontin, Heroin, Benzos, alcohol, and others
  • Easy to get started, call today at 303-488-0034

Lois Leder

2121 S. Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224 USA

Carolyn Ross, M.D., MPH

400 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 250
Denver, CO 80246 USA

Bert Furmansky, M.D.

658 Grant Street

Denver, CO 80203 USA

Jane Kennedy, D.O.

1894 Vine Street

Denver, CO 80206 USA

Edmund Casper, M.D.

3400 East Bayaud Avenue
Suite 210
Denver, CO 80209 USA

Steven Wright, M.D.

950 East Harvard Avenue
Unit # 660
Denver, CO 80210 USA

Raymond Bunch, M.D.

825 Dalria Street
Apartment 606
Denver, CO 80220 USA

Ivor Garlick, M.D.

1211 South Parker Road
Suite 100
Denver, CO 80231 USA

Stephen Bishop, M.D.

720 South Colorado Boulevard
Suite 964
Denver, CO 80246 USA

Douglas Ikelheimer, M.D.

501 South Cherry Street
Unit 650
Denver, CO 80246 USA

Charles Shuman, M.D.

501 So. Cherry St.
Suite 650
Denver, CO 80246 USA

Rachel Davis, M.D.

Mental Health Center of Denver
4353 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80220 USA

Rachel Davis, M.D.

8158 East 5th Avenue
Suite 200
Denver, CO 80230 USA

Charles Shuman

1127 Auraria Parkway
Suite 25
Denver, CO 80204 USA

Scott Cunningham, M.D.

3540 South Poplar Street
Suite 305
Denver, CO 80237 USA

Gregory Kirk, M.D.

2036 East 17th Avenue

Denver, CO 80206 USA

Jody Ryan, M.D.

Mental Health Center of Denver
1733 Vine Street
Denver, CO 80206 USA

Sara Markey, M.D

165 Cook Street
Suite 100
Denver, CO 80206 USA

Carol Traut, M.D.

777 Bannock Street
Unit 9
Denver, CO 80204 USA

Gregory Kellermeyer, M.D.

Denver Health Medical Center
1155 Cherokee Street, Bldg 18 MS 3440
Denver, CO 80204 USA

Patrick Fehling, M.D.

3801 East Florida Avenue
Suite 400
Denver, CO 80206 USA

Martin Kron, M.D.

3801 East Florida Avenue
Suite 400
Denver, CO 80210 USA

Narin Wongngamnit, M.D.

Denver VA Medical Center
1055 Clermont St, Mail Code 554/116-D
Denver, CO 80220 USA

Harold Oxman, M.D.

Denver VAH
1201 Clermont Street
Denver, CO 80220 USA

Oscar Dellinger, III, M.D.

8299 East Lowry Boulevard

Denver, CO 80220 USA

Pradeep Rai, MD

2172 South Clermont St

Denver, CO 80222 USA




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