The Weekly Brief: Continued Opioid Funding and Opioid Recovery

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Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we do our best to keep our readers current and informed about opioid addiction doctors, opioid addiction treatment, and the ongoing opioid crisis. We also like to sum it up neatly every Friday afternoon.

In the News – For Your Sense of the Nation’s Opioid Response

New Mexico Plans for New Opioid Response Funding

Rio Arriba County, NM, has one of the nation’s highest rates of fatal opioid overdoses, but they’ve only recently received federal funding. Why’s that? Find out!

Montana Receives New Opioid Response Funding

Montana will receive nearly $4 million for its opioid response, and its officials have unorthodox plans for the funding. What will they do? Learn here!

Oregon Receives New Opioid Response Funding

27 opioid treatment centers in Oregon will get new funds to improve their services. And that’s only one arm of the state’s opioid response. Learn more!

Featured Articles – For Your Sense of Your Own Opioid Response

4 Ways to Chase Opioid Recovery Every Day

Much of the opioid addiction conversation only addresses how to begin treatment. But how can you sustain it long after your treatment ends? Take our advice!

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