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West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor

West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor
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3400 Burns Rd, Suite 101B
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 USA| Map
(561) 614-2140

You are one step closer to ending the cycle of addiction and bettering your life.

At West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor, we treat the person. We care for you, we support you, and we give you the safe and effective addiction treatment services you need to regain sobriety. Our approach to treatment is all about "quality of life" medical care that uses integrative medicine to take into account not only your addiction treatment with Suboxone, but also your overall wellness.

As a Board Certified Internist and Integrative Medicine specialist, Dr. Joan Baijnath and her staff offer West Palm Beach patients personalized primary care that helps them break free from the grip of addiction and ensures their overall wellness. At West Palm Beach [See More]

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