Online Promotion: Build Your Network

Think of how we’ve already described social media as a sort of digital community. The larger Internet can act the same way within niche markets, such as opioid addiction treatment. You can band your practice together with similar practices or experts to expand your reach.

How does this work? Get in contact with your peer practices, or with health publications who could use your expertise for their site (Addiction Professional is an example). Some sites might include a Pro Corner content section, where addiction doctors write about a pressing issue or explain a certain treatment. Buprenorphine has a Doctor’s Note section specifically meant for doctors and their practices, for instance.

Get yourself involved with these other institutions across the Internet. Then, once you’ve written yourself into these new places, mention your site and link back to your practice (“backlinks”). That way, you’ll reach more readers, and the search engine will boost you because your backlinks mean you’re more legitimate and interconnected.

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