Make Your Online Reviews a Window

Online reviews might be the most neglected of these three strategies. They don’t spring to mind as necessary. And they require you to collaborate with others online (both the review sites and your patients).

Why Bother?

Your practice’s reviews help potential patients see how you operate day-to-day. When it comes to choosing their treatment, they’ll focus on how an opioid addiction practice will treat them. About 70% of patients consider positive online reviews important to choosing where they’ll receive care.

So prepare a way for your customers to reflect on their time in your care. Find a review site (Yelp or Healthgrades, to name two) and list your practice there. Through consistent requests throughout treatment, encourage your patients to leave a review. And you’ll want all possible reviews, whether positive or negative.

Negative reviews won’t sink your practice. For one, if the patient has genuine and truthful feedback, they’re giving you a clear note on how your practice can improve. Secondly, you’ll improve your patients’ satisfaction by promptly responding to their complaints in both words and action. Reach out to the patient, apologize, and thank them for their feedback. Then correct whatever went wrong for them. This is just thoughtful patient care.

Summed Up

Online reviews should become a window into how your practice treats its patients — both for you, and for potential patients. Make sure that the window is wide and easily seen through, and that the view is inviting.

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