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Opioid Addiction and Opioid Addiction Treatment FAQs: Part 1

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Here at Buprenorphine Doctors, we do our best to explain the relevant parts of

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How Can My Loved One Use Prescription Opioids Safely?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors There are some injuries and illnesses which force their victims to bear pain

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Time to Dispose of Your Prescription Opioids

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Whenever your doctor prescribes you painkillers, there’s a catch: the pills

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Is Medically-Assisted Treatment "Just Another Drug"?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Few people jump happily into opioid addiction recovery. They face painful

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How Can I Choose an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors When it comes to opioid addiction, most people might say that the magic words

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Can I Take MAT While Pregnant?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors If you’re pregnant, your health questions get more complex: you’re not just

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Recovery Month Hopes for Opioid Addiction Recovery

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Would you pair opioid addiction and hope in the same sentence? Most wouldn’t,

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Opioid Recovery vs. Stigma: What Should You Know?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors How do you view opioid addiction? There are many viewpoints: opioid addiction

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Want to Join the Opioid Recovery Community?

Written by Buprenorphine Doctors Opioid addiction threatens Americans across the country and inspires fear. You

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States with Expanded Medicaid Show Increase in Buprenorphine Prescriptions

(August 21, 2019) The Morning Consult reports on a recent study conducted by the Urban Institute which

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