Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Mason, Ohio

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Prime Health Group, LLC

Prime Health Group, LLC

4333 E. Galbraith Rd.,
Cincinnati, OH 45236 USA| Map
(513) 815-3005

We offer Suboxone treatment for opiate addiction and are accepting new patents today. Suboxone (buprenorphine) is a daily medication that controls pain pill and heroin cravings, while keeping you out of withdrawal.

Our staff of opioid addiction treatment doctors provide you with a safe, trusted, and comfortable environment to treat your dependency. You don't have to wait any longer to stop suffering and start being yourself again.

Call today and start down the path of rehabilitation and freedom from addiction.

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Dayton Medical Center

Dayton Medical Center

950 E. Alex Bell Rd.,
Dayton, OH 45459 USA| Map
(937) 510-9001

Call now and start your opioid addiction treatment today. We are here to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and understanding environment to treat your dependency. Our focus is to help you start your journey up the road to recovery.

  • Comfortable with our doctors, program, and environment is how we want you to feel.
  • Safe and confidential is the atmosphere we strive to create for all our patients.
  • Understanding how opioid addiction affects you is what helps us provide the care and treatment needed.
Stop telling yourself tomorrow and begin your journey towards a better life free from opioid addiction today!

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Ohio Medical and Rehabilitation Center

Ohio Medical and Rehabilitation Center

1592 Goodman Ave,
North College Hill, OH 45224 USA| Map
(513) 331-7555

Here at the Ohio Medical and Rehabilitation Center our goal is to provide you with a confidential, comfortable, and understanding place to begin your treatment of opioid addiction.

We are committed to bringing you a safe and caring environment where you can feel understood and respected.

Our passion is providing you with a regulated treatment program that allows you to take back control.

Over two million Americans are affected by opioid addiction. Stop being on the wrong side of the statistics and get the help you deserve today. Call us now to start your journey on the road to recovery.

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