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Suboxone Drug Rehab Doctors in Morristown, TN

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Dawit Zemichael MD, M.S.

109 Suburban Road, Suite 201
Knoxville, TN 37923 | Map
(865) 801-9090
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A and R Solutions


Now accepting new patients.

Suboxone/Subutex/Zubsolv. Monthly Appointments Available.

Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Morristown, Tennessee.

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Kevin Catney, MD

(423) 839-1200
East Tennessee Pathways
4845 West Andrew Johnson Highway
Morristown, TN 37814-1023 USA

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Michael Chavin, M.D.

(423) 586-0341
1639 West Morris Boulevard
Morristown, TN 37814 USA

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Dennis Harris, M.D.

(423) 587-9796
420 West Morris Boulevard
Suite 130
Morristown, TN 37813 USA

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Devon Smith, M.D.

(423) 307-8088
1621 West Morris Boulevard
Suite A
Morristown, TN 37813 USA

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