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Suboxone Drug Rehab Doctors in Athens, OH

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Addiction Recovery @ Health & Wellness Ohio

6810 Perimeter Drive, Suite 100
Dublin, OH 43016 | Map
(800) 357-3811

We provide a comprehensive medication-assisted addiction recovery treatment program designed to get patients on a personalized path to recovery. Our program provides all of the clinical services needed for successful therapy. It is our commitment to providing each patient with personal care critical for attaining positive long-term outcomes.

  • Bernard Oppong, D.O., Angel Villanueva, M.D, Michael Alexander, M.D, Clifton Prince, M.D
  • On-site counseling using faith based principles where God is put at the center of the recovery process
  • Physical exams and blood worked as needed
  • Adherence testing
  • Personal care and psychosocial support
  • Suboxone, Zubsolv, Vivitrol prescribed and monitored by a physician qualified to treat opioid dependence
  • Addiction Psychiatrist available for dual diagnosis patients

Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Athens, Ohio.

Steven Clay, M.D.

(740) 593-2516
University Medical Associates, Inc.
230 Parks Hall
Athens, OH 45701 USA

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Anthony Derrico, D.O.

(740) 594-5000
100 Hospital Drive
Athens, OH 45701 USA

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Melinda Ford, D.O.

(740) 593-2516
University Medical Associates
2nd Floor Parks Hall
Athens, OH 45701 USA

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Judith Lubbers, M.D.

(740) 592-6720
P.O. Box 724
224 Columbus Road
Athens, OH 45701 USA

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Vinayak Shukla

(740) 592-4491
75 Castrop Center
Suite 140
Athens, OH 45701-2858 USA

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