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Suboxone Drug Rehab Doctors in Colorado Springs, CO

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Pradeep Raj Rai M.D. <br />Magnolia
Medical Denver

Pradeep Raj Rai M.D.
Magnolia Medical Denver Suboxone

1850 Race St
Denver, CO 80206 | Map
(303) 900-4686

Locations in Central Denver, South Denver and Boulder. Open by appointment only. Call us at 303-900-4686 or email us at office@magnoliamed.com. Magnolia Medical is the leading Suboxone Clinic located in Denver serving the entire state of Colorado. After the initial month of maintenance treatment, our visits are monthly and our schedule is very flexible for our patients schedules including night and weekend clinic appointments. Using the latest techniques through Suboxone treatment, we help our patients overcome their opioid based addictions. Our treatment targets opiates such as heroin, hydrocodone, oxycotin, morphine, benzos, and other pain killers. Call us today to find out more information or to schedule an appointment for a tailored treatment plan to get your life back on a positive track. Find us at magnoliamed.com

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Achieve Whole Recovery

2527 W. Colorado Ave , Suite 208
Colorado Springs, CO 80904 | Map
(719) 357-7286
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Clark McCoy M.D.

Clark McCoy M.D.

1308 Vivian Street
Longmont, CO 80501 | Map
(720) 597-5576

  • Board-certified addiction medicine providers
  • We specialize in outpatient medication-assisted addiction treatment, including Suboxone
  • We offer behavioral health therapy & case management
  • Insurance: Medicaid, Medicare, United Health Care, and Cigna
  • 6 Colorado locations:
    • Fort Collins 970-493- 9193
    • Longmont 720-597- 5576
    • Greeley 970-702- 2705
    • North Denver metro (Thornton) 303-568- 9694
    • West Denver metro (Lakewood) 720-597- 5576
    • South Denver metro (coming soon)
  • We are accepting new patients

Buprenorphine Opioid Treatment Doctors in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Rae Weber, DO

1330 Quail Lake Loop
Suite 260
Colorado Springs, CO 80906 USA

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Diane Al-Abduljalil, M.D.

6760 Corporate Drive
Suite 140
Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA

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Jeff Blixt, D.O.

417 Security Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80911 USA

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Elliot Cohen, M.D.

4465 Northpark Drive
Unit 208
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 USA

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Scott McClure, M.D.

90 South Cascade Avenue
Suite 810
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA

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Judith Reynolds, M.D.

1106 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA

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Judith Reynolds, M.D.

115 N. Parkside
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

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Judith Reynolds, M.D.

2010 East Bijou
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 USA

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Brian Wise, M.D.

NeuroAssessment Centre
6791 Lehman Drive Suite 105
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

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