Mobile Methadone Clinic on the Go

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From little steps to giant leaps, and now on wheels–Dartmouth, Canada adapts the mobile clinic as an alternative solution to long-going debate on drug rehabs. While residents are anxious about this newly-renovated Winnebago roving on their streets and luring addicts for some methadone shots, the compromise is urgent to help control withdrawal symptoms of drug addicts who committed to change for the better.

More and more communities in Canada are turning to this approach of treatment. Direction 180 saw the need for such alternative option ever since an incident has risen up against a permanent facility in Fairview. The locals were restless about addicts showing up around Dutch Village Road to attend that said clinic, so they insisted on the eviction of the house where the permanent clinic stood.

The serious problem in drug abuse branched into other issues revolving around the capacity of Direction 180’s available clinic space on Gottingen Street.

Thus, followed an original plan of setting-up another clinic. Businessmen in the area did not want the company of drug addicts lurking nearby so they initiated a campaign to stop the clinic project to push through in their town. After a series of negotiations and brainstorming, the community had bought out the house for the clinic, and aside from buying it from the owner, a mobile clinic was renovated from an old RV so that the right to operate the business will still be upheld. $520,000 was raised in one week, covering the $100,000 house while the rest was given to RV renovation and operation.

The owner of the clinic was Cindy McIsaac. She was disappointed with the opposition but the consequences turned into a satisfying compromise. Recently, she talks about preparing for a lot of clients seeking such service. Even the community still finds it bothering to have the RV around the area, but it is better than the previous options.

The goal of the clinic was to give out methadone and temporary consultation until there is space at the original treatment facility in Gottingen Street. They make themselves available during Mondays through Thursdays.

Of course, there will always be a wandering danger anywhere. However, the clinic could contribute to that fear because it had been observed that the clinic operates even around 2am in the morning just to give out methadone. This passing drugs habit cannot just go uncontrolled or reevaluated.

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