Hull City Addicts Weaned Off Methadone

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A major review of Hull City’s drug treatment program revealed that 108 addicts have successfully been weaned off methadone, a drug used in substitution therapy for heroin addiction. Given the success of the project, about 2000 heroin addicts are now being encouraged to kick their drug habits with therapy and volunteer work. Health workers are also aiming to wean 200 more addicts off methadone in the coming months.

Vicky Harris, Hull City Council’s head of drug and offender health strategy, lauded the success of the project, stating that they have made a good start that would hopefully motivate drug users to change as former drug addicts can tell their own success stories to the drug-using community. This is one of the key aims of the project.

In the past few years, 164 and 97 people have been weaned off drugs and discharged from the project. Work had already been started to help heroin addicts. Ms. Harris also added that staff members across different services in Hull City including those working in the city’s job centers are being educated to recognize people with drug problems. They are also trained on how to help drug users seek treatment. This would ensure that addicts can get treatment as quickly as possible.

Hull City’s track record has been compared to other cities such as Liverpool and Manchester and other parts of London such as Westminster. Ms. Harris is confident that they can make significant difference in the city through the current drug treatment program.

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