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11 thoughts on “Day 23 suboxone withdrawal

  1. sarah

    Please tell me howd u know u were getting back. I was on suboxene five years. I stopped about two n a half weeks ago. I’m passed the worse part but if I shower everyday I’m proud. I hate that driving in the car isan accompliment. I’m 27 n have two lil boys. N I don’t know if I’m depressed or angry. I’m just mentally fighting why I feel more sad n that life sux..

  2. Claudine Hosto

    If one is on long term bupe maintenance – truly on it – I consider that being sober. I have been on maintenance for almost 10 yrs and do not get any type of high from it. It is also basically impossible for me to feel anything from injestion of opiates. If I were to detox from bupe, I believe I would eventually succumb to opiates again. I am not judging you, but for any maintenance bupe users out there who are taking it correctly, do not feel guilty or feel as if you must get off bupe to be sober. I really resent folks who promulgate the fiction that one is not sober if on bupe maintenance. If you are taking it properly then you know you don’t get any type of high from it AND you also will find it almost impossible to get high from injesting opiates. There is no shame in bupe maintenance – no different than a diabetic taking their insulin.

    • Patrick

      You Claudine, have made me feel so much better about my long term 5 yr dependence on suboxone. I’ve tried quitting about 6 times in 3 yrs. Although it wasn’t voluntarily, I finally accept that I will be on this for life. The withdrawals are not tolerable at all and I would do ANYTHING to feel better. I know now the big bad SECRET the manufacturer of suboxone and others have been hiding all these years. This secret has been why they are still embezzling billions of dollars from victims of money hungry doctors writing opiate prescriptions for quick, big money that help enforce the obvious disease of opiate addiction and secure their business. Opiate dependencies may have a chance to actually recover with money, time, detox and comfort techniques. However, the rate at which these ruthless, life destroying doctors are jumping from opiate addiction promotors to the extreme misinterpreted buprenorphine/naloxone combination moneywagon, are reinforcing the fact that eventually, almost everyone will have this disease if these evil Drs and manufacturers are not stopped by our government. The secret chemical reaction in the brain that nobody realizes is this, It is working opposite to help heal and causing even stronger withdrawals, more permanent dependency upon the combination itself. The sub, zub, subxne money wagon is sure to keep the opiate epidemic, not only eternally stronger than ever, but also makes suboxone manufacturer the wealthiest, most powerful, and evil scum on earth. God please help those victimized by these monsters. Including the innocent children directly affected.

  3. She She

    I started Suboxone film August 28th after 42 yrs of addiction. Most of those years I was on methadone maintenance and clean a few times. Then, in April of 2013 I became ill with sepsis and because I was on 190 mg of methadone the doctors detoxed me by sedating me for a week and doing a Rapid Opiate Detox. After 21 days in the hospital I was released and still very sick with withdrawals and other issues. I had many 40 mg tablets of methadone at home, along with hydromorphone. About the fourth day I just couldn’t take it anymore and I began taking hydromorphone 4mg tablets. I took between five and nine tablets daily, depending on the length of my day. So, if I was out and about for 12 hrs or more I’d take nine of the 4 mg tablets. So, while taking the hydromorphone I began seeking advice and a Suboxone doctor that would accept my insurance. I found one and my appointment was August 6th. After making mistakes faxing the prescription I finally received a five day supply because the pharmacy only had that much, but in two days I had a 30 day supply. I waited until I had all my errands ran and began my induction. I was really surprised that I wasn’t horribly sick when I went into withdrawals. I used a small amount of Alprazalam to get me through. I took my first film at about 11:00 PM and didn’t feel great, so I took another one. I laid down and in a few minutes I was asleep, slept for two hours .and woke up to the telephone wringing. Had the phone not wrang I would have probably slept until morning.

    It’s been seven days! I feel totally normal, but a little anxious. I’m just taking one day at a time. I cut the film in half and use tweezers to put each half under my tongue; one on each Side. I feel this works for me. I swallow at first, then don’t swallow for 20 min. I wait another 15 min before I eat or drink anything. It’s numbing, and has an awful taste, but it’s fine. I thank God for this opportunity. I only paid $3.65 for a month supply of Suboxone and the doctors visit was covered by Medicaid, as well. Methadone cost me $70 a week. I went once every 28 days for about 17 yrs. I’ve traveled to Greece, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Amsterdam, Denmark, , Finland, England, Spain, France, Italy and many other European countries, not to mention all over the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and the Carribean. All carrying over 100 40 mg methadone wafers in a bottle. I was never questioned, ever! I don’t like methadone because it causes me to have edema and I crave sweets. Hopefully, Suboxone won’t have this effect. Methadone made me sleepy, as well. I reached the higher dose after 19 yrs of maintenance.

    I agree that I’m clean! I’m just taking a medication, period.

    Good luck on your endeavor. You’re young, you can do this. I’m over sixty years old and I’m just taking a day at a time. God bless you and your family.

    • Linda

      Congrats to you!!! Im proud of you not only for feeling that you are clean & not caring that others don’t consider us clean because we take medication to help us stay that way!!! But, another accomplishment you should be proud of that even at your age, you realized your life wasn’t over & you had a chance to be clean and enjoy your later years…lol…im 52 so right behind you!!!! Love your outlook on life & your recovery!! Wishing you a lifetime of clean & healthy living!!!! :_


      To SheShe: Wow–your post could be me speaking! I am 62 yrs old and also have been on methadone maintenance since 1975. I have just moved to Massachusetts where the MM clincs are so restrictive it’s sickening. I came up from S. Carolina where I was on take homes for 10 years, only going twice a month there. Of course, Massachusetts can’t understand that and won’t honor my take home status and I would have to “start all over”. It’s really unacceptable to me as I actually have a LIFE (or I did, anyhow) and love to travel and I have, like you. After all, methadone was made to help the patient have a normal life. It helped me to have a career, a life, and most of all, because of my take home status, I didn’t have to think about “being an addict” the first thing in the morning. Going to a clinic everyday is detrimental and to me it’s just another way to make bad connections. –So I’m going to switch to Suboxone—so I can HAVE A LIFE! Thanks for your wonderful post, SheShe.

  4. Linda

    Congrats on all of you above!!! I, too, do not like when people don’t consider me clean because I take subs, but hey that is all I am taking and I am dam proud of it…so don’t let what others think of your recovery & how you get there!!!! I was on methadone, 70mg. for about 2 yrs at which time I decided to decrease, 1mg every 2 weeks…when I got to about 30mg I started feeling a bit of “morning sickness” so I halted with the decrease to let my body catch up….in the meantime I moved & my transportation was denied. Travel to the clinic was getting harder &harder..starting missing a day here & there….well the time came when I missed 3 days in a row…that 3rd day was not pretty….I threw up my dose right in front of the nurse, who then refused to redoes me….so I walked out of that clinic & for 11 days I lied in my bed sicker than I had ever been in my life…honestly don’t remember a lot of those days…but with the help of a few good friends…they changed my puke bucket, got me hydrated & showered and most importantly had an appointment made with the suboxone clinic!!!! That was over 7 months ago now & I have never felt better!!!! I never ever thought I would feel this good….the methadone made me groggy & now that I am off of it, I realize I was in a daze most of the time! I do not get any “high” sensation from the subs, rather I feel “normal”…have energy & sleep like a baby! I recommend it to anyone who is finally sick of being sick…sick of using and wants their life back!!!

    I wish you all nothing but the best in your endeavors to stay clean & sober….if taking a medication designed to do just that is what you are looking for give the suboxone treatment a shot! Trust & believe me you will not be disappointed! Best of luck & god bless!!!

  5. brenda

    I am on methadone and have been for 5 years, my dose is 120mg, i hate it, it gives me headaches and i am so tired of it, but at the same time i’m scared not to have it , i been thinking very serouly of changing to subs can you give me any advise.

  6. Jim c

    I’ve been taking hydrocodone for about 14 years. I’ve had numerous back surgeries with fusions at 5 levels in my lower spine. I was diagnosed with Pudendal Nuralgia, Aycock Canal Syndrome, 4 years ago. Without pain medication I experience pain in the left side of my anus, left testicle, and penus that runs at the 8-9 category and starts about an hour after I get up in the morning and start sitting in a chair. I carry an embarrassing hemeroid donut with me everywhere I go. I am an alcoholic in recovery.
    My wife researched treatment for PNE and located a Doctor 6 hours away would does Botox injection treatment to the nerve. My visit was at 8 this morning. After lengthy questionairs, a UA, and visit with the Doctor he advised me that after 9 back surgeries, numerous spine injections, that Botox probably would not work for me. He felt my condition was incurable, that life goes on and I needed to learn to live with the pain.
    I detoxed from the Opioid medication over the last 11 days. My pain returned with a vengeance. I feel like I’m living in hell.
    He suggested Suboxen and wrote a 30 day prescription. He instructed me to find a local Doctor would would prescribe this medication long term rather than make the 6 hour drive monthly to see him.
    I’ve taken 3 of the prescribed doses today and really didn’t want to take the third. My pain reduced 75-80%. I was able to make the 6 hour return trip sitting upright in a car seat rather than laying down. Cravings and detox symptoms have gone away. I feel a little woozy from the 1st day on the medication but otherwise I feel great without the excruciating pain.
    It’s scary. Most of what I read on the web states the medication is for detoxing short term off of opioids. Am I in for another train wreck using this medication. I asked the doctor about any difficulty discontinuing the medication. Was told it’s not difficult. That why would I want to stop if it is working to relieve my pain.
    Is there anyone with experience using this medication long term that has a similar story? I’ve read in a couple blog post that it is difficult getting off this medication. Of course the manufactures information does not indicate any but that it’s normally used short term. What is the difference in opioid agonist and antagonist?

  7. Randyc44

    When I was using heroin on a daily basis I would just use Suboxone or methadone for around 4 days and I would be over the withdrawals. I did this method a few times and it always worked. Today I’m clean. I always found it counter productive to use these two drugs for a long time because you will just be dependent and addicted to another drug.


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